Arkansas trip day 3

We slept well in the warm lost we rented to get out of the cold and snow, we went to west fork and had a great filling breakfast at jakes

We went on a drive about waiting for it to warm up before we would get on the bikes.

We went riding and went southwest

Old boats make great round bale storage I guess

We returned to the campground and loaded up and headed north a few hours and slept in a hotel on 35 north of Kc.

The trip the rest of the way home was fine, a large snow storm was leaving our area as we drove north and we returned to much colder and snow covered homes.

A few take a way’s from this trip, I do want to return, there is so much more to explore riding dirt bikes, four Wheeler’s or road bikes. the area is very welcoming to adventurous visitors. We were always greeted with smiles, The people are so friendly and genuine, we in this area could learn a thing or two about how to treat others, we felt special everywhere we went. If I buy another used vehicle I will look south to buy it, The rust free cars and trucks are all over and was fun looking for them all over. Marc is a lot of fun to travel with and we are a good team and can keep each others brain farts in check. Sure wouldn’t have been as fun without him.

Arkansas trip part 2

Second day we woke to rain and 36 degrees, so we changed plans to go explore with the pickup instead of motorcycles.

Made some breakfast and hit the road

We visited a few pawn shops, it began to snow as we headed toward Eureka springs 

Very cool tourists town with lots of old buildings and houses.

Stopped hear for a beer and lunch.

This damn was shut off? 

A single lane suspension bridge in Beaver Arkansas 

Roads were curvy and snow covered

Had some chicken for supper and headed back to a little loft we rented to keep us out of the cold for the night. 

Arkansas trip part 1


Marc and I loaded the bikes and headed south in search of warmer weather to go ride. We discovered some terrific riding in the razorback state!

Great trails and roads, sure need to return with lighter bikes or 4 wheelers but we made do with what we had.


End of the trail 

We liked this old building is was out in the boonies, maybe an old hotel?

Stopped here

For a great burger

Way fun road to ride!

This river was green, never caught the name of it. 

Not much color this time of year but I did see these blossoms 

January February 2017

Finally I didn’t have a cold and the trails had snow on them all at the same time! I left Wykoff and headed down through Forestville on my way home.

What a beautiful day for a ride

Oh dang a tree fell across the trail!

With a little work, I broke off some branches and filled in some gaps with them, I was able to ride my old tank through the obstacle!

No one had been on the trail! damn I love riding in fresh snow!

Then the trail ended at a swollen creek, It was just to deep and fast even for a Polaris, the bridge had washed out in the February thaw and was down stream a ways. I turned around and rode back through the park and took some back roads home to Preston, what a great ride I had, reminds me why I don’t sell my old machine.

Not often we can go for a ride in February, I rode several times in the 2 weeks warm up we had.


Some very sandy places, just had to go slow and all was fine.

This is our little actress, she is impersonating some sort of Frenchmen. Note Izzy in the back ground with a paper bag over her head and an Easter basket!  Oh boy so much fun when these two are around.

Out for a walk and discovered bubbles coming from under the ice.






Rich got the Honda out too,

We have been going to lots of Brookes basketball games, sure is fun watching the girls learn and improve, Brooke is a good player and scored the winning basket in sudden death overtime to secure the only win for her team this year! She also plays for the 6th grade team so she gets lots of time on the court.

Wouldn’t suprise me if they were texting each other!




Went to the motorcycle show with Marc and Rich, always good laughs hanging out with them.


New klr and a fan boy on her

Still on my short list if I ever replace my Vstrom.

Boy you never know what you will see in wallmart!

A few pictures 

I have been getting to see Brooke more often as she come by my work after her Math Wizards class. We are so proud of her.

Marc H at work has no problems riding in the winter, studded tires make it happen.

Was too cool I had to take it home with me.

It has been a cold, icy, snowy winter so far and it’s only the end of January.

Marc and I headed to the Big Woods to test out the Toyota, been a great machine so far.

We had a great time at Christmas as always, Michelle and Mike sure are great parents.


Brooke has been playing Basketball.

Ice cream makes them silly, oh I guess they don’t need it to be silly.

Been some bad road conditions this winter

Fall early winter

I have not been inspired to post much on this blog lately so i am trying to get back in the swing of things. We have had a great fall and even with the cold spells winter has been good, as always we have spent a lot of time with Izzy and Brooke.

All excited to come stay with Grandma, Grandpa and uncle Jason

Just so damn cute

Great times were had a the school park again this summer.

Wearing a play-doe mask, Silly

Marc and I took off for a weekend ride, We headed into Wisconsin and at Boscobel we turned back toward Iowa and stayed in Anamosa, The next day we made a pilgrimage to the National Motorcycle museum,

I had no idea Harley Davidson made snowmobiles.

Coolest guy ever award goes to Steve McQueen.

The Museum was great I will goo back again, lots to see and I’m sure I didn’t see everything.

We were surprised at all the great back roads we discovered in central Iowa

Went deer hunting again this year, had a great time even though I was skunked!. I very much enjoy the outdoors and hanging with the guys.

My new shotgun and a beautiful sunrise.

I like this photo for the contrasting colors.

No deer around so I might as well take pictures of my weapon.

Kids came over and stayed and as always we play games.

New tires and wheels

Out Christmas shopping

Sunset near Wykoff

Planes, kids and a motorcycle

Here are a few pics from October 2016

Jason got second bowling at TI!

Paging Dr. Izzy

She like doing dishes, what age does that change?

Everyone’s favorite

Who let her do her own make up? LOL

The big 04!

Don and I went to Rushford airport to spend some time with some visiting warbirds

This guy is 97 and flew one of these training during WW2