Spring fun

I have been having a great time riding motorcycle, playing with the kids and riding bicycle this spring, I am  getting in shape to ride a day of the ragbrai bicycle ride this year

This place was known as “Lil’s store” back when I was youngster it was about 8 miles from one of the places we lived and we would stop in for a sandwich and smokes.

A beaver dam

This abandoned barn is long gone but the concrete and stanchion’s remain

Jeanette rides with me sometimes.

Got together with old friends.

Cameron stayed with us, was nice to see him again!

I went to this school in Rochester when I was a youngster.

I enjoyed going to quit a few  volleyball games.

This bridge was destroyed when a truck much to heavy for it’s capacity drove over it.

DC trip, travel day

Time for the traveling trio to fly away and explore more of the world. Follow along as we spend a few days in our nations capital. 

Ready to go!

Izzy wanted in a pic too

Brooke is becoming a seasoned traveler, she is very excited to get going.

So tired, our flight to Chicago was about 20 minutes late arriving. this picture was taken after we hustled across O’Hara airport to make our connecting flight and were late by only a couple of minuets, we got on another flight about an hour and a half later. I guess I should have booked with a longer layover. 

Dulles airport has these cool “monster shuttles” 

DT sent a car for us, lol

After a long day traveling we had a nice meal. 

We went for a walk and found ice cream! 

Arkansas trip day 3

We slept well in the warm lost we rented to get out of the cold and snow, we went to west fork and had a great filling breakfast at jakes

We went on a drive about waiting for it to warm up before we would get on the bikes.

We went riding and went southwest

Old boats make great round bale storage I guess

We returned to the campground and loaded up and headed north a few hours and slept in a hotel on 35 north of Kc.

The trip the rest of the way home was fine, a large snow storm was leaving our area as we drove north and we returned to much colder and snow covered homes.

A few take a way’s from this trip, I do want to return, there is so much more to explore riding dirt bikes, four Wheeler’s or road bikes. the area is very welcoming to adventurous visitors. We were always greeted with smiles, The people are so friendly and genuine, we in this area could learn a thing or two about how to treat others, we felt special everywhere we went. If I buy another used vehicle I will look south to buy it, The rust free cars and trucks are all over and was fun looking for them all over. Marc is a lot of fun to travel with and we are a good team and can keep each others brain farts in check. Sure wouldn’t have been as fun without him.

Arkansas trip part 2

Second day we woke to rain and 36 degrees, so we changed plans to go explore with the pickup instead of motorcycles.

Made some breakfast and hit the road

We visited a few pawn shops, it began to snow as we headed toward Eureka springs 

Very cool tourists town with lots of old buildings and houses.

Stopped hear for a beer and lunch.

This damn was shut off? 

A single lane suspension bridge in Beaver Arkansas 

Roads were curvy and snow covered

Had some chicken for supper and headed back to a little loft we rented to keep us out of the cold for the night.