The Holidays 2015

We had a wonderful Christmas, We spent lots of time with family and our photogenic granddaughters.  Taa Daa!

  Happy JasonMy indoor photo skills need some work,lots of blurring, but some pictures are to adorable not to post.
  Brooke Rock’in her new jammys

  Another pajama model

Our budding artist.
  Ah cute

  Izzy loves playing with the plastic eggs and the surprises within!

Brooke is a big fan of twister

I took the girls to see “Road Chip” We shared a Huge popcorn!

And tired them out.

I went out for a snowmobile ride in a storm, great fun!

     New Years Day we woke to the bowling ally burning, It was a total loss and Jason will miss it a lot, he worked there and bowled there.   We went out and played in the snow.

Our little helper.

Laughlin continued

 We Visted Don Laughlins museum, and look at this, Emilio Scotts rtw  bike

 Jeanette and it went camper shopping, we came up a few bucks short for the one we wanted.


 This is our Taxi home, we had a great time even though we donated to the Laughlin gambling establishments.

Return to the desert southwest. 

Jeanette and I hopped aboard a sun country charter 737, destination Bullhead city Arizona and Laughlin Nevada to visit Paul and Joanne and win a fortune gambling.

The mighty Colorado River
 Even found some flowers during my hike

  that’s bogus More flowers
 how about a quickie! Lol

 From Paul an Joanne’s place it Bach roads to Oatman Paul and I had a nice 4 hours or so exploring Oatman and some out of the way trails. Rugged and beautiful, I Love the area.

  There is an estimated $250,000 in one dollar bills in this bar, restaurant 
Paul is a donkey whisperer

 we were doing some boondocking and cam across this hole in the ground

 its an abandoned mine, we could see past the collapsed timbers and it looked deeeeeep

 Thanks Paul that was fun

Catch up blog

I’m behind, here are some pictures and happenings

  Jason, Brooke and I endured the haunted high ropes at Eagle bluff, good fun  What a bunch of cute girls, Happy Halloween!
  Izzy was a bit protective of the Halloween candy.  Always the goof!
    Brooke is becoming an excellent rider.
    Brooke likes 4 wheeling, we will get out for more in the spring and let her get muddy!
  Had some time to ride a little, I am not happy about riding season winding down.
  A few improvements to the KLX

Got out hunting, this was one lucky deer he only has 6 points and needs to have 8 to legally shoot in Minnesota, See you next year!
  This guy was a 4 pointer, He was tired, I supposed he is getting chased away from all the does by the larger bucks.
New tires and rear wheel bearings on the Vstrom,

A little fall color tour

I took off this morning, it was a little chilly but what a nice day for a ride, I was around Marquette and Prairie Du Chien most of the day, then booked it up to Michelle’s for a great meal and played with the kids some.
   In the Yellow river state Forrest
  Near Marquette A cool looking engine, operated by Norfolk Southern, Not to be confused with the Norfolk-n-Way railroad company.
  Some old iron In Prairie , I need to return for more pics. I love this old cement truck
Off to school she says!

went for a little walk