March 8th

Mid 40s and sunny so we all know what that means…….

Time to go for a ride!

Sure was nice to get on the bike! I’m glad it didn’t forget how to ride. Tested out a new heated jacket liner, thumbs up from me!

Sitting home and this bike shows up????

It’s Rich with a crf 250! Sweet ride !

March 7th time to go camping

A nice sunny day in the upper 30s with a low tonight of 20 degrees, great camping weather!

This joker tagged along

Laid around in the sun and rested 

We gathered some wood for a camp fire

We went for a nice hike and took a few pictures

Slept pretty good and didn’t want to get out of my warm comfy bed. I waited til I heard Marc getting a fire going, lol

Marc made breakfast mmmmm   We packed up and hiked out and was home by 11. Sure was fun, looking forward to next time!

Feb 28th and March 1st

Jeanette and I went to the cities to stay with Michelle, Mike and the girls at the Best Western Plus at the Mall of America, We went to the mall, went on some rides at Nickelodeon Universe and played in the water park at the hotel, We had a great time as always when we are hanging out with this group. Isabelle was a little timid meeting these characters

We rode a couple rides together.

Mike was happy to meet Dora!

Its Sponge Bob!

Playing around waiting for the shuttle to the hotel.

Feb 21st. A fun day

untitleduntitled-915-2 untitled-798 untitled-787 untitled-258 untitled-48 untitled-43 untitled-24 untitled-10 untitled-918I took off the morning and worked at my photography skills. Then later Cameron Brooke and Isabelle came over to spend the night!


IMG_2107These two jokers and I went for a nice walk.

IMG_2108treat time!


IMG_2115-0IMG_2118Brooke and I Love playing games!


IMG_2117Someone is getting tired.

IMG_2121Jason was working at the blowing alley this morning so we went there for breakfast

IMG_2120Brooke enjoyed a special pancake!

IMG_2123All to soon it was time to say goodbye. We had a great time!

Winter project Klx400 build

Purchased this bike to get further off-road than my Vstrom will take me. Rolled it into the basement and started ordering parts and wrenching.






IMG_1312Worn out chain, sprockets and tires needed to be replaced

IMG_1316I completely removed the swing arm and greased it well before reassembly


IMG_2085I installed 2″ handle bar risers to help riding standing up

IMG_2086Got to have some ability to charge cameras and cell phone.

IMG_2087I disconnected the kick stand starter switch to prevent future problems.

IMG_2088A sweet lithium battery was purchased and installed


IMG_2090Case savers and a good skid plate are needed to hold up to the hammering I will be putting this bike through.

IMG_2091No bike is complete without an ADVrider sticker! Just a few small things to complete and then I will have to line up some help to move this thing from the basement to the garage, I’m sure it will not go up as easy as it went down! I am really looking forward to riding!