North to home

I left Marc in Hannibal to head his way south and his adventure which I’m sure will be fun. I turned north toward home.


Not sure what they are building here but it is really big.

cool sculpture.

I stopped at a riverfront rest area in Muscatine Iowa and this guy was in the rest room, im sure he had spent the night there. We made small talk and I took this pic over the stall while taking a leak. he kept talking how the warm weather would make the mushrooms “pop”. I was apparent that he was mentally challenged, as I was leaving he asked me “do you have a couple bucks?” I gave my usual  answer to guys like this and said “no I don’t” As I was walking back to my bike It struck me that this was a “real” homeless person, one that I know needs help. What is wrong with me that I could walk away from someone needing help and I do have a few bucks! It was the first time but not the last that I have given money to a homeless person in need. That set the tone for the day as my mind  went from topics like how fortunate I am too the people I know and have known affected by mental illness in one way or another.











I enjoyed my time on the road, It was great to feed my hunger for traveling, exploring and experiencing people and places.

Which ever way.

Marc is heading out on a long vacation ride so Rich and I decided to ride with him for a day or so then turn back to home.

         Elkader a neat town, I will return to check out more some day.

   Someone is clumsy, It is customary is a situation like this to take a couple pictures, then help lift the bike then ask the rider if he is ok in that order .

     Went to American pickers in Le Clair Ia. Pretty neat


           We ended up in Hannibal  Missouri, nice town. Stayed at the Holiday inn express and ate too much Kfc

This N That

Misc late March early April  

    Remember when a gallon of gas was under a buck?    We had an Easter egg hunt with the girls.      Lots of fun and candy!  Izzy Loves playdoe  Brooke enjoyed coloring eggs!    Awwwww cute kids!           Went for a ride with marc to lacrosse and home through winona 

          I have a lot of excuses as to why my motorcycle is laying on its side, I’ll spare the details 

Bigfoot was at the new Scheels store  


Road Trip!

I was feeling the need to get out of the house and go somewhere so Jeanette and I made a reservation at the Holiday inn in Dubuque Iowa and set out for the weekend!

Head out on the highway, looking for adventure and what might ever come our way

       Stopping for some photo ops on the way.

 We went too Galena Illinois a tourist town near Dubuque.


Mmmmm gourmet mac and cheese!


 Who does these underwear sayings remind you of?

 This lady kept following me!

 Ya I bet that sign will stop a maniac from running in and shooting up the place!

                     Galena is nice

   Dubuque shot tower, look it up


We did a little gambling and had a nice meal. In the morning it was raining so we packed up and headed north. We both enjoyed the area and will return again as there is always more to discover!

March 8th

Mid 40s and sunny so we all know what that means…….

Time to go for a ride!

Sure was nice to get on the bike! I’m glad it didn’t forget how to ride. Tested out a new heated jacket liner, thumbs up from me!

Sitting home and this bike shows up????

It’s Rich with a crf 250! Sweet ride !