Catch up blog

I’m behind, here are some pictures and happenings

  Jason, Brooke and I endured the haunted high ropes at Eagle bluff, good fun  What a bunch of cute girls, Happy Halloween!
  Izzy was a bit protective of the Halloween candy.  Always the goof!
    Brooke is becoming an excellent rider.
    Brooke likes 4 wheeling, we will get out for more in the spring and let her get muddy!
  Had some time to ride a little, I am not happy about riding season winding down.
  A few improvements to the KLX

Got out hunting, this was one lucky deer he only has 6 points and needs to have 8 to legally shoot in Minnesota, See you next year!
  This guy was a 4 pointer, He was tired, I supposed he is getting chased away from all the does by the larger bucks.
New tires and rear wheel bearings on the Vstrom,

A little fall color tour

I took off this morning, it was a little chilly but what a nice day for a ride, I was around Marquette and Prairie Du Chien most of the day, then booked it up to Michelle’s for a great meal and played with the kids some.
   In the Yellow river state Forrest
  Near Marquette A cool looking engine, operated by Norfolk Southern, Not to be confused with the Norfolk-n-Way railroad company.
  Some old iron In Prairie , I need to return for more pics. I love this old cement truck
Off to school she says!

went for a little walk

Late September and early October 

Well I haven’t been posting much lately but my life has not been boring by any means. Here are a few pictures, I have even gotten out on my bike for some motorcycle “therapy”

  yellow river forrest
    Special Olympics fundraiser we had a tribute to Jeff, who sadly passed away this Year.
  The Preston firemen used this old house near us for training, after that they let it burn down.

These two are always up to something! Out for a cruise in the caddy.
  Wow, hard to believe our little girl turn 30 years old this year! What a terrific daughter and mother you are, i love you!
Jason and jenny have been together for a year.

  Just another adorable children picture, I have lots!
  A little family outing!
  somebody turned 3!
Can you tell which two are my granddaughters?Regional SE bowling at TI, Jason earned second place!

Atv Rider

Jason and I went too Black River Falls 4 wheeling  with Don, Heidi, Austin and Hayden. Holly and Kevin, Doug Margret and the girls and Jamie and Jim.  

   Our navigators  
 Was this Klr broke down? It was in the same spot when we returned late it the day, hope all is well.  


 Our rider organizer and leader, Doug  

   I was a perfect day for riding! 
 We rode to pray for lunch, this old building I’d across the street from the bar we are at. “Weasels” 

    The smile says it all

 We all had fun and got dirty, we ride over 70 miles.  

   Don Kevin Austin and I had a nice ride Sunday morning then loaded up and headed home, we sure had a good time and weather permitting we may return yet this year. 

 Arrived home and Jason Jeanette and I cleaned up the 4wheelers, had some grub and jumped on the bike for a spin.  


Labor Day riding home.

  From Two Harbors we made our way south, stopping for a few photos along the way.   I know this recurring photo theme is overused this weekend, but it works.
   We continued south and left highway 35 and lots of traffic behind, fairly clear roads until we got too Stillwater, it it to crowded and touristy for us.
  We explored some of the marked rustic roads and found a terrific little low maintenance road.   There was lots and lots of bike’s all over 35 river road
In Wabasha this huge steamboat was docked, you can see the stacks are hinged to get under some of the bridges.

We had a memorable trip and talked to quit a few people, I am looking  forward to a return trip to some the the places we visited. If you are still looking at the map seeing parts of our great state that you haven’t seen, do get out and explore Minnesota