Brainerd Sunday WOW!

It was a great day for racing, the weather made for record setting conditions, we were fortunate to see history in the making.

  Top fuel to the staging lanes  It was a chilly day Alexis was all bundled up.
  Quickest ever Top fuel run Langdon  Quickest ever Funny car run.  Hagen

  I included some stop motion pics I took with the nikon, It is hard to do, It will take practice to get good, these are ok.

This one wants to race! We left for home after the second round as it was getting late, racing did not start until 2 pm because of the rainy morning. What a great time we had!

Saturday Quaifying

Some good chances for rain today, a cloudy view from our room this morning.


  Brooke met Angie Smith Nice rear end  
   Some nice artwork on a funny car body 
 Brooke got a cannon fired t shirt!  

 The Zoo can be hard on a guy 

 It started raining just before q4 but we did see the fastest funny car ever in q3 fast Jack ran a 3.901 

 Sweet ride 



Jason Brooke and I make our annual trek to Brainrd for the drag races.

 We had all day to goof around and drive up to Garrison so we spent some time in the Cabellas in Rogers

   A couple of goofballs
 We did quite a bit of geocaching

 Brooke is practicing rock skipping

   We had lots of fun today!


Planes, Trains and a Motorcycle

Jumped on the bike for a little day trip, it was real hot and humid, I was warm and sweaty all day but it was worth it, I had a great time.
I discovered these neglected beauties resting at the winona airport, I hope they will be restored some day, I had fun photographing and investigating them.   This one is a Beechcraft model 18 in C-45 trim, I think it is a great looking plane, a bunch of hornets has taken over the interior, I know, it hurt.
    This is a Lockheed T33a trainer jet, both planes are pretty much complete the way it looks to me.

  A real live train!   Took some back roads around a dredging operation
    This train was hauling ass I got ahead of him and posed my bike for the next picture

  some wood art in Wabasha
  Man there are a lot of nice flowers around this summer, and of course all the cool blogs feature pictures of flowers!IMG_4668
  I like this old house  I like this driveway



More fun!

  Jason Brooke and I went to a Twins game, we lost to the Rangers but had a fun day. We took the train from Mall of America to  Target field.
  We passed the new Viking stadium, pretty impressive.
  We had great seats!

  Someone fell asleep on the way home.   Jokers
    mmmm ice cream!
  all gone! Izzy had fun fetching this little battery airplane we played with.

2nd weekend in August  

  Jeanette, Michelle Brooke and I attended a very entertaining play in Chatfield Thursday night.  
 Izzy wanted to drive the camper! Let’s go camping kido. We headed to prairie island to camp with Don, Heidi and the boys 

   Big sis giving gymnastic lesson’s 
 Brooke won our little fishing contest! 

 Sooooo tired 

 We had a great time canoeing! 

 Wow nice catch Austin! 

 We hiked over to the deer park 

   After we got back I went for a little ride. It was a great way to cap off a terrific weekend!