Mid too late July photo dump

 I haven’t been keeping up my blog but I have been taking some pictures! For some I will write a caption and others will have to explain themselves.

  Gravity sucks

Ran into Rich

  More flower power!
  Izzy is becoming quit the helper, she went grocery shopping with me.
Mike and his new ride.Jason and I went riding around the local gravel roads a couple of times.

  Oh so tired.
    Funny car!
  Nitro Rocks!

    Brooke working at the fair
Went to a Twins – Yankees game, Twins won!  

  Pickwick mill, first time there for me, was worth a stop.



A few photos

  I ran across this guy painting along the side of the road, I had to stop and chat. his name is Micheal Farrell link to facebook https://www.facebook.com/MichaelFarrellFineArt/photos_stream was a really cool guy, he was recently in Ireland painting

  These signs are more like a challenge than a warning to dual sport riders!

Was not bad at all, but nice to have my own private road since it is closed.
  This building was once used as a laundry back in the day, ever hear of lye soap?  An old jail house
  Another challange

  Turned out to be an easy route for the most awesome KLX

      If this old house could talk, imagine the life that has happened here!

I found Marc’s bike club trail ride, these guys are getting started young.

  And the world famous Marc Haldeman
  Even thistles can be pretty

4th of July weekend

The whole family took off for Wisconsin Dells for the weekend. Great weather and lots of fun was had by all! 

 Brooke loved this crazy high swing ride 


  Jason rode lots of roller coasters and a few other rides too  Brooke’s first bumper car ride

   Girls love shopping, huh who would of thought 

 A little quiet time to rest up and then go at it again 

   I can take some nice pictures with this pretty little model that was always near! 


   A couple roller coaster nuts!

Misc end of June 2015

 Jumped in the camper and went to harvest farms with the kids! 

   Brooke Loves Softball!  
   The wild one! 
 Izzy was having fun until she got burnt by a sparkler, lucky was on her hand not her cute cheeks! 

   Riding the storm out!  

 I made an important delivery 

 I had to investigate this wind generator under construction, I was amazed how large they are! 

 Brooke at bat!

Door county

Marc rode to my place and we headed east in hard rain, we are off to explore Door county Wisconsin. Rained cats and dogs the entire ride to Oshkosh where got a room for the night.  

We stopped to warm up a couple of times.   

 A little dry place for a break from the rain.  

 Hotel had a hot tub and a local pizza delivery, we dried our clothes and warmed up.  

  Poor motorcycles out in the cold rain all night. Rode hard and put away wet .  

 This old Douglas sits outside the eaa air museum In oshgosh, a place I need to return to and spend more time.  

 Rode to Green Bay and dropped by this place, kinda made me a little sick 

 Shouldn’t that jersy be purple? 






  Cool abandoned resort   

      We wimped out on camping and found a cheap motel 


 Lots of these around 


 Flower power combined with a sunset  

   A good way to end a great day 

  In the morning we headed south, then east, a few rain showers , fog and mist but made our way west across Wisconsin to home.  


 Was nice to visit door county but not much I need to return for.   

NYC in conclusion

First off if you are thinking about a trip to New York ,  GO! I enjoyed it even more that I thought I would. Do with a few less possessions and travel! You will never regret investing in your memories! Try and do it as a traveller and not a tourist, although we very much enjoyed the tourist areas, the times we rode the subway and walked off the beaten path or ate in the small local cafés we always felt safe and had some great conversations, my questions and hello’s were always met with a smile.  

The history and grandeur of New York is second to non with famous sites and buildings around every corner. I will go back when I can, I suppose my other granddaughter will want to go also so I will have to return!

Someone asked me if I could live in NYC, a tough question to answer, There is a lot of places I have visited that I would like to spend more time,  I would love to spend more time New York but could not live there just yet.  

 There is a dark side to all cities and towns. We seen quit a few homeless people, We seen lots of panhandlers, there is a difference , the homeless and mentally il deserve respect and sympathy, those who panhandle and scam for a living get non from me.  For the most part the city was much cleaner than I thought it would be. Some areas had more trash than others but there are people working to clean everywhere. There are time when crowds and waiting lines can be hectic, I just took a deep breath and turned to enjoying people watching.  

 Our view leaving New York                        

I will return!