Riding and stuff

Took off for a ride and headed south, checked out the fort in Fort Atkinson, went to the Volga river where Marc Matt And Tyler were fishing. Cross theMississippi  and headed to Red Wing for the night.  

                   Vstrom is nicest bike in the lot 

Won a little money!   

Had a fun, wet ride home, I do like my waterproof gear!  

Zumbro Bottoms Trail Ride

Rich and I loaded up the bikes and took off for our first trail ride.  

   You can see the campground in the background, the only cell service in the area is on this ridge.  

Nice ride 

 This guy just finishing an unassisted ride up ant hill, he is 90 degrees to the trail here, the bike just jumped sideways, cool to watch   

        Rich and his Honda   

Our bikes got tired a lot and would just lay down to rest whenever they felt like it.   

May 2nd 3rd

Loaded up the bicycles and Brooke and Izzy and went to the Spring Valley bike trail campground for the weekend.  

      Brooke loves bicycling!              

  It’s fun!  Little poser  Awe nice picture

   Looking for fish  

  Izzy asked, Why are they walking?    My future is so bright I gotta wear shades! 


 Brooke upgraded to a bigger bike this weekend!

We had a great weekend with some nice weather and lots of Yahtzee! 

  Went to see Avengers 2 with Rich and Jason , it rained and hailed on the way home

North to home

I left Marc in Hannibal to head his way south and his adventure which I’m sure will be fun. I turned north toward home.


Not sure what they are building here but it is really big.

cool sculpture.

I stopped at a riverfront rest area in Muscatine Iowa and this guy was in the rest room, im sure he had spent the night there. We made small talk and I took this pic over the stall while taking a leak. he kept talking how the warm weather would make the mushrooms “pop”. I was apparent that he was mentally challenged, as I was leaving he asked me “do you have a couple bucks?” I gave my usual  answer to guys like this and said “no I don’t” As I was walking back to my bike It struck me that this was a “real” homeless person, one that I know needs help. What is wrong with me that I could walk away from someone needing help and I do have a few bucks! It was the first time but not the last that I have given money to a homeless person in need. That set the tone for the day as my mind  went from topics like how fortunate I am too the people I know and have known affected by mental illness in one way or another.











I enjoyed my time on the road, It was great to feed my hunger for traveling, exploring and experiencing people and places.

Which ever way.

Marc is heading out on a long vacation ride so Rich and I decided to ride with him for a day or so then turn back to home.

         Elkader a neat town, I will return to check out more some day.

   Someone is clumsy, It is customary is a situation like this to take a couple pictures, then help lift the bike then ask the rider if he is ok in that order .

     Went to American pickers in Le Clair Ia. Pretty neat


           We ended up in Hannibal  Missouri, nice town. Stayed at the Holiday inn express and ate too much Kfc