20140202-133113.jpgOne of the positives of this experience was the care I received at St. Mary’s – Mayo. From the time I arrived until I departed I was greeted with true professionals that obviously had a passion for their work and the patients they served. In such a stressful time I have been put at ease with words of encouragement and comfort, the confidence of the staff, knowledgeable, friendly and caring.I was somewhat tentative of leaving the monitored and secure environment with help only steps away, My mind was put at ease by all of my questions being answered, most of them several times.

20140203-074358.jpgWas great to be home, Jason was as happy to see me as I was to see him! Im looking forward to sharing more great experiences with the boy as he always has a need to keep going to places and events with his Dad.

My wife, Wow how lucky I am to have someone so caring and supportive . She has been wonderful in what I’m sure have been difficult days for her as well, I will be needing her in the days, weeks, months and years ahead to help me with everything from my diet to encouragement. I Love her very much. It appears the Lord has given me an opportunity to spend a long life together with her.

How fortunate I am to have a Daughter like Michelle, we can both relate to health problems, we can support each other. I am used to being the one to give out encouragement so it is different for me to receive it, Her Love warms me. Michelle and I also share an incentive to be healthy, two little girls that mean the world to us, plans to share the future and a long life being amazed by these two blessings named Brooke and Isabelle begin today.

I am grateful to have four caring brothers, brothers I have shared my entire life with, They know the “good me” and the “bad me” and support from them has been immeasurable. Its not often enough that I take time to think about what great family, friends and coworkers I have, I appreciate all of their kind words and know that they care for me as much as I care for them.

20140203-083333.jpgLucy missed her Daddy!

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