Feb 3rd Random thoughts and moving on

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Last night in the mirror I discovered a weiry sunken faced stranger. This heart attack has obviously taken more out of me than I had thought. Since the procedure to install a few stents I have felt a sort of “release”, I noticed the absence of a tension or ‘fuzziness’ in how I felt. That is why I have been feeling so good, although my body went through a traumatic event, overall It was an improvement to the way I was feeling before the event.

A note I wrote on Facebook…..

I am the type that keeps some things private,defiantly the type of person that does not want to be “fussed over” I have let my wishes be known to several people that I didn’t want my health problems on Facebook. I have had a heart attack and I am doing great, and have a long life ahead of me. More on that in a bit. I have several reasons for writing this, one being that friends and family that have not heard about this yet get the correct story from me. Another reason is that maybe I can inspire another to take their health into there own hands, step up and save yourself. I need no pity, I have done this to my body of my own will. What I am is one of the LUCKY ones that can tell my story, all to often that is not the case. I did what others have done, I ignored the signs and kept on going, maybe just stupid or in denial.

About a week and a half ago I started feeling pain in my shoulders neck and arms, I had been stepping up my exercise routine and thought I had sore muscles, “no pain no gain” right. Several times the pain would come and go, sometimes uncomfortable at night, sometimes during the day, a couple times I thought it was unusual and a thought’s about going to a Doctor drifted out of my mind as the pain went away, I continued on with normal busy life not knowing I was having mild heart attacks, I was not having the classic symptom’s we have all heard about, chest pain, flushing weakness and upset stomach. Well last Thursday evening, the pain intensified, the pain in my arms was almost unbearable, still my mind would not come too terms with the thought I was having a heart attack, I thought maybe a pinched nerve or??? With Jeanette’s urging we were off to the emergency room, I did pop two aspirin before we left so the heart attack idea was moved forward in my thoughts. Of course an ambulance ride would have been ideal, I was more afraid that it was “nothing” or I would feel like a fool if I had some sort of minor ailment than facing the reality that death was a knocking.

Upon arrival at St. Mary’s emergency room I was treated with great urgency, a quick electrocardiogram confirmed I was having a “heart event”. I was rushed off to the Cardiac procedure room, If that wasn’t a large enough reality check, on the way I was asked, In the event that your heart stops, do you want to be resuscitated? Well hell yes! I said, I have a lot to do yet! you made sure you wrote’ DO resuscitate right? To shorten the story some, I received 3 stents in my Right coronary artery to reopen 4 inches of blockage gauged at 99 percent. I was told many times how fortunate I was to have made it to the Hospital in time. My heart is expected to make a near full recovery, with me leading a normal life IF , and here is were the preaching starts, if I quit smoking, eat right, exercise, take my medications and follow my doctor’s orders. If my little story can inspire one person to try one more time too quit smoking or eat a little healthier or go get that check up and heart stress test or exercise just a little more often I will be satisfied.

I will be fine, I am highly motivated to change and survive. My Wife and kid’s have been wonderful during this time which has been difficult for them as well. Please don’t let something similar or worse happen to you before you take action. Hereditary heart decease has also played a role for me so if it runs in your family take extra steps to get interested in your health. You owe it to yourself and your family to not ignore it. It’s a gamble that many loose, I won and am very thankful our Lord has given me an opportunity to grow old with my Wife and attend my Granddaughter’s wedding”s.

I have already talked about how my life will change, I am sure this will change me in ways unknown to me yet also, priorities,

how I interact with others and a greater appreciation for living this wonderful life! You can take this to the bank from someone who knows, life is short and fragile, live with no regrets. don’t be so hard on yourself, and have lots of fun!

I have been given a set of guidelines to help my heart muscle regain strength, rest for a period of times is the key as well as medication, diet and exercise. My problems stemmed from several things, hereditary , cholesterol, diet and mostly a pack of camels a day for 30 plus years. I have some huge motivations to improve my lifestyle, My wife, children and grandchildren at the top of that list, I am not ready to leave my brothers and their families quit yet either, would be a pity if the best looking of us five died young! I am lucky to have such wonderful friends, some of which I work with, I am going to be around for quite some time to keep you all on your toes! running circles around you with a little bottle of Nitro in my pocket!

And to the people whom I hold in the highest esteem, the Doctor’s, Surgeon’s, Nurses and all that assist them, You perform miracles every day and and change lives for the better with your skills and dedication. From bottom of my heart, Thank You!

I want to say Thank you to all of my well wishers and visitors. I have received tremendous support and appreciate your blessings.

Over and out, Rick

Carry on people


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