April 26th heading to the Mississippi

Only goal for the day was to see the Mississippi River. No riding partners today, I must not play well with others, better just to play with myself, Lol

20140426-144728.jpg one antique store a day is enough


20140426-144839.jpg can’t play mini golf without Jason!


20140426-181216.jpgcool sail boats in lake city, I like the name of this one

20140426-181356.jpgreligious retreat, maybe I should attend!



Economic stimulus didn’t make it here.




20140426-183559.jpgnot healthy for me but very tasty


Had a fun ride, was upper 50s and cloudy all day and it was 52 and raining the last 15 miles,funny thing, I didn’t see a single Tiger or Klr today, I’m sure those boys were watching Tv on the couch today.


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