Heading to St Louis to see the arch and possibly an ironbutt attempt
Left Preston at 1:37 pm

20140802-154811-56891185.jpgSunny and 85, degrees and mph


20140802-155006-57006503.jpgRode 129 miles until my first stop in Brandon Ia, gas station bathroom wasn’t working but there was one down the street at the park, lady at the station said( it has a flush toilet and everything) rested and had some Pepsi and hit the road.



20140802-175426-64466315.jpgAnother lone wolf

20140802-175532-64532619.jpgThe Vstrom eats up these cruisers with ease and many more like them.


20140802-175750-64670912.jpg2nd stop was at Casey’s in Donellson ia. I must be getting into the far south I overheard a local ask another{what times that shindig at tonight?}

20140802-180125-64885307.jpghealth food for supper

20140802-184447-67487070.jpgWas Zz Top here?

20140802-201731-73051208.jpgshadow getting longer

20140802-201829-73109265.jpgdoes it remind you of silence of the lambs too?

20140802-201936-73176935.jpgseen the first po leece of the trip in Hannibal, not that it would matter to me as I have faithfully obeyed the speed limits this entire trip

20140802-202317-73397990.jpgnext stop was in Troy missura.




20140802-222727-80847936.jpgI was lucky enough to hit downtown St Louis as the Cardnals Brewers game had just ended, completely packed streets, I seen the Arch enough and got out of town, Now I can say I’ve been to St Louis. How come the worst most erratic drivers have their windows completely darkened?


20140802-223239-81159924.jpgFound a great place to stealth camp next to a creek in an area that some had mowed, I slept well under the stars,












20140803-134805-49685042.jpgCompleted the saddle sore 1000 with moments to spare!

20140803-142945-52185802.jpgwell as you can see I had my photo settings incorrect, I will work on fixing that, Thankfully Marc headed out and met me on my return, we met across from Lansing, was grat to have home with the last hour and a half. I’m glad it worked out and I completed the saddle sore but it’s not all that fun of a way to travel, I enjoy slowing down, stopping to investigate areas and visit with people, sometimes I get to where I don’t want to get off the bike also so I got my share of that. Bike was good, I do love it for an all around do it all machine. I almost didn’t make the 24hour deadline as I underestimated and pissed around at some stops today, I learned a lot for next time, If there is a next time, now that I have had a nap I say I might do it again, I’ve never been to door county!


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