Its the night before our trip, all is packed, time to get some rest before our early morning departure. Weather is supposed to be mid 50s to mid 60s in most of the places we will be traveling to. Depending on the weather and time we hope to visit Yosemite National park, Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, Death Valley and Zion national parks. Another goal on this trip is to hopefully get a look at an elusive Chipmonkey, Brooke has told me about them and with some luck we may spot a few!


This was the view from my office this afternoon, I bet tomorrow will look different.



2015/01/img_1394.jpgThe refinery south of the cities is always cool at night.

2015/01/img_1395.jpgOur first plane, is an airbus A320 I looked it over and didn’t see any oil leaks or broken bolts so it should make it if there is enough fuel.

2015/01/img_1396.pngTo bad we have to leave Minnesota its a balmy 1 below this morning!






2015/01/img_1408.jpg on the ground in Phoenix we walked around outside enjoying the 55 degree weather !

2015/01/img_1412.jpgEvery good blog has flower pictures!

2015/01/img_1413.jpgAnother fine Airbus rig to get us to Sacramento.


2015/01/img_1416.jpgclouds do look like cotton balls

2015/01/img_1418.jpgLuggage art at the Sacramento airport.
We had good flights and all went smooth with the rental car, I got in the groove with the California traffic and arrived at Don And Merle’s mid afternoon.

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