One year ago

A year has passed since I had a heart attack and was given a new lease on life. I feel fortunate to be continuing with my life. It has been a busy year.

Doctor visits and learning all about my condition have taken up some time, I have found all that I have learned to be interesting. Adjusting medications and more blood tests than I can count. At times I felt like I was a pin cushion. I continue to do as My Doctors say and plan to follow orders in the future. It has amazed me how great the people I deal with have been to me and how they care about my health.

I have changed my diet, I no longer eat as much sugar as I can and I rarely eat unhealthy, there are of course time when something I should not be eating makes it to my plate, I need a treat at times! Jeanette has been incredible and has changed our meals to be more healthy, just the change to wheat bread was difficult at first but like most everything we have changed it just becomes the new normal.

I have always been active so exercising more has been welcomed to me, I enjoy keeping moving and doing things, I have gotten in to doing more bicycling this past year and plan to continue biking, hiking, even jogging on the treadmill. This exercise has me feeling the best I have in quit some time. I have even done some yoga and want to learn more, that and stretching are a great way to keep all of my old body pains away.

I feel as though my need to learn and grow has increased this past year, I have gotten serious about learning photography and It has been a lot of fun and is starting to pay off with some great photos. Following travel blogs like advrider have been fun also and have made me long for the day when I can retire and travel full time, I have been very fortunate to have made two trips to the southwest in the past year and have seen some incredible scenery and met some wonderful people. I want to continue with the work less, play more attitude that is becoming a part of me. The time I spend with the ones I love has felt more valuable and enjoyable than ever.

Before my heart attack I was trying to quit smoking and have not had a cigarette since then. It is difficult to say the least but I am a non-smoker and do not have any intention of starting again, If I did start I know I would have to quit again and quitting is a bitch.

The more I have learned about my condition and the way I feel I know that stress was a large factor in my health problems, I have came a long way in the past year and have learned a lot about my stress inducers. I am becoming more passive about things that used to get me all worked up. My new motto is “If there is nothing I can do about it then I’m not going to worry about it” riding motorcycle is a stress reliever to me as well as being out in the woods hiking, camping or hunting.

I am grateful for all I have, a wonderful family, my wife has dealt with a lot and this has changed her life as much as mine. I am lucky to have her to share my life with. My kids are hard working, loving and devoted people that I am very proud of! My grand daughters are amazing and are doing more to keep me feeling young and laughing more than anything! I am grateful for great brothers and friends that keep me on my toes constantly, I cant get away with anything! I am grateful for a job that I can make a decent living that allows me to go out and explore the world some.

Ok enough mushy fancy writing for now, time to get on with life, making the most of and enjoying every minute that God has given us.


Finally it snowed enough to go for a ride, virgin trails first one out!


Four pieces of heavy machinery


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