Winter project Klx400 build

Purchased this bike to get further off-road than my Vstrom will take me. Rolled it into the basement and started ordering parts and wrenching.






IMG_1312Worn out chain, sprockets and tires needed to be replaced

IMG_1316I completely removed the swing arm and greased it well before reassembly


IMG_2085I installed 2″ handle bar risers to help riding standing up

IMG_2086Got to have some ability to charge cameras and cell phone.

IMG_2087I disconnected the kick stand starter switch to prevent future problems.

IMG_2088A sweet lithium battery was purchased and installed


IMG_2090Case savers and a good skid plate are needed to hold up to the hammering I will be putting this bike through.

IMG_2091No bike is complete without an ADVrider sticker! Just a few small things to complete and then I will have to line up some help to move this thing from the basement to the garage, I’m sure it will not go up as easy as it went down! I am really looking forward to riding!


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