I left Marc in Hannibal to head his way south and his adventure which I’m sure will be fun. I turned north toward home.


Not sure what they are building here but it is really big.

cool sculpture.

I stopped at a riverfront rest area in Muscatine Iowa and this guy was in the rest room, im sure he had spent the night there. We made small talk and I took this pic over the stall while taking a leak. he kept talking how the warm weather would make the mushrooms “pop”. I was apparent that he was mentally challenged, as I was leaving he asked me “do you have a couple bucks?” I gave my usual  answer to guys like this and said “no I don’t” As I was walking back to my bike It struck me that this was a “real” homeless person, one that I know needs help. What is wrong with me that I could walk away from someone needing help and I do have a few bucks! It was the first time but not the last that I have given money to a homeless person in need. That set the tone for the day as my mind  went from topics like how fortunate I am too the people I know and have known affected by mental illness in one way or another.











I enjoyed my time on the road, It was great to feed my hunger for traveling, exploring and experiencing people and places.

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