Marc rode to my place and we headed east in hard rain, we are off to explore Door county Wisconsin. Rained cats and dogs the entire ride to Oshkosh where got a room for the night.  

We stopped to warm up a couple of times.   

 A little dry place for a break from the rain.  

 Hotel had a hot tub and a local pizza delivery, we dried our clothes and warmed up.  

  Poor motorcycles out in the cold rain all night. Rode hard and put away wet .  

 This old Douglas sits outside the eaa air museum In oshgosh, a place I need to return to and spend more time.  

 Rode to Green Bay and dropped by this place, kinda made me a little sick 

 Shouldn’t that jersy be purple? 






  Cool abandoned resort   

      We wimped out on camping and found a cheap motel 


 Lots of these around 


 Flower power combined with a sunset  

   A good way to end a great day 

  In the morning we headed south, then east, a few rain showers , fog and mist but made our way west across Wisconsin to home.  


 Was nice to visit door county but not much I need to return for.   

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