I have been having a busy and fun summer, trying to pack in as many activities as possible before winter! We all know it’s coming! I’m sorry for bringing up the W word.

    We took Izzy shopping, when she got bored with the little shopping cart I pushed it too the counter, much to the amusement of a couple of old guys.
  Brooke and I went for a couple of rides on the motorcycle.
    What a mess, I’m sure that is the very last time that I buy her ice cream!
   Marc and Tyler joined Brooke and I for a Bicycle ride 

  I was stopped along the trail and some jerk tipped over my bike as he went rushing carelessly past me.  This is the guy that destroyed my bicycle, he was riding some fancy ass bike like the sissy’s from the cities ride.   lol  pay back’s are hell Marc!

  Brooke played a couple of games this weekend, she is a great player, it will be fun to watch her play for years to come.
    I know, too many pics of my motorcycle but every photo needs a subject.
  Brooke and her bf Kara

    I’m pretty sure this roof leaks.
  Journey road, cool name for a road don’t you think.
   Mabel is getting some new streets.

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