Marc and I went for an early breakfast and a ride on the mountain bike trails in Decorah. Sure is a lot of fun, here Marc is repairing the approach to this little bridge.
   Thats me in this picture, I crashed twice, nothing to serious.
    Marc proudly displaying his broken chain, luckily it was almost all down hill from where he broke it.

    The trail got a little rough at times.

  After pounding the trails in Decorah I went home and picked up Jason and The four wheeler’s, we went to the Chatfield trails and rode with Don, Waylon and Austin.
  We tore around in the sand pit and put on 18 miles exploring the trail’s.
  Boy I wonder how he got so muddy?  Lol
The crew, we had a fun time.sharing lots of laugh’s and a good lunch.3.87 (1 of 1)-11Wow I almost forgot to post a flower picture in this blog, that would have been bad, I took this picture earlier in the week while I was out for a ride.

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