I share most of my stories on this blog with photos as the primary method of relaying the story. It’s great, it’s fast and effective. However I should share stories by writing them every once in a will, it’s good to write, good for my mind and for my spelling skills. Well I suppose spell checker keeps me in line with spelling. Anyway here is a little story about the lunch I had today.

Brooke was entertaining herself at home today and I thought it would be nice to have lunch with her. I picked her up riding my motorcycle, she was prepared, wearing long pants, tennis shoes and her helmet in hand. we took the long way around town to the Subway and shared a nice lunch. During lunch we talked about places we want to visit, Washington DC is at the top of Brooke’s list right now. We talked about how she has not seen mountain’s and I suggested Denver as a good destination for viewing them.  After eating we were on the bike waiting to pull out on the highway and Brooke asked me “which direction is Denver” Too the west I replied, As I pointed left she explained to me her method of telling direction,she was spot on. As we neared her home I heard her ask, Grandpa do you have to be back to work right away? Well sort of I replied, why? I asked. Because I sure like riding motorcycle! she exclaimed. With out saying anything I rode past her street and turned to the highway, we went for a short ride, 15 minute’s or so. Out on the road leaned over and down to see her face in the mirror and could plainly see her huge smile looking back at me.  Upon delivering her back home she asked me  “you sometimes take a tent and go camping when you ride this don’t you?” Yes I said, Is that something you would like to do sometime? Ya that would be awesome! was her reply. That is another activity to add to our shared list. Brooke has an intense need for learning, seeing and doing new things and visiting new places. I hope to help with feeding her need for adventure. I can picture it now, Brooke rides to my house on a fully loaded drz, I wish her farewell as she departs to ride around the world!  

  Ok ok we should have at least one picture! 

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