We had an early start from Hinckley and a beutiful morning to ride. Our only goal was to see the sites of the iron range.  

 Marc was gabbing with a local near Virginia about things to do in the area.  

   These trucks are flipping huge!  
 A lot of the mines are full of water and make nice looking lakes. 

 Followed a cool old road 

   Nice place to relax and eat lunch 
   We took a trolley tour near Chisolm and learned a lot about the old days of mining.  
   Some neat old buildings. 
   The iron man memorial was erected in memory of those who died mining.  

 We visited the Greyhound bus museum, this old boy was retiring from the museum today was his last day!  

 This was an incredible mine to visit, the size is unbelivable.  

   Holy buckets batman  
   My bed for the night. We sure had a fun day and learned a lot about mining and buses. It was a hot day and we ended it with a refreshing swim in the lake.  

 It rained most of the night, the thunder was drownding  out Marc’s crying and farting, 

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