Soudan mine, Ely, Two Harbors and Bear watching

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It was a nice morning after all the rain last night. Marc made some breakfast. After breakfast I took a little walk along the lake.

 Then we found this old girl, she is 105 years old!

  Marc acting like an engineer 
 Daily flowers

 we enjoyed the mine tour, we need to return for the physics tour some day.

   Pictures from the machine shop.
   Our guide was excellent.
  It’s Quack!
Another highlight of the day happened just south of Cook when we were pulled over at the side of the road as Marc was documenting a mileage milestone “40,000 miles” on his motorcycle, we were talking and I turned away from him and maybe 150 yards away I saw a bear run across the road! I hollered bear! and Marc looked up in time to see it’s head bobbing through the tall weeds, It looked like a good sized animal to me. We got caught in the rain and took refuge at the American inn in Two harbors and were charged a premium for a room on Labor Day weekend Sunday.

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