Return to the desert southwest. 

Jeanette and I hopped aboard a sun country charter 737, destination Bullhead city Arizona and Laughlin Nevada to visit Paul and Joanne and win a fortune gambling.

The mighty Colorado River
 Even found some flowers during my hike

  that’s bogus More flowers
 how about a quickie! Lol

 From Paul an Joanne’s place it Bach roads to Oatman Paul and I had a nice 4 hours or so exploring Oatman and some out of the way trails. Rugged and beautiful, I Love the area.

  There is an estimated $250,000 in one dollar bills in this bar, restaurant 
Paul is a donkey whisperer

 we were doing some boondocking and cam across this hole in the ground

 its an abandoned mine, we could see past the collapsed timbers and it looked deeeeeep

 Thanks Paul that was fun

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