Bad Blogger

It has been a while again since I have took the time to document a few more things that go on in my life. January 30th marked the day 2 years ago that I had my heart attack. Doc tells me all is good, I continue to take doctors orders seriously, I take my meds religiously and I am getting better at living a stress free healthy life as well as being me and not worrying about others perception of me. We all need to enjoy ourselves during the life we have been given! No one get’s out alive! 

20160117-untitled-3149I am learning to draw. Very enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding.

20160124-untitled-3154 20160124-untitled-3153 20160202-untitled-3212I seem to enjoy riding in blizzards.

20160206-untitled-3226 20160206-untitled-3227Rich and I went t the motorcycle show, lots of fun seeing all the new machinery.

20160206-untitled-3241Glen Heggstad was there and gave a presentation about his adventures all over the world. It was very enjoyable and inspirational.

20160214-untitled-3255Jason’s team won regional competition in St Peter!

20160214-untitled-3270I was lucky enough to party with Angus, Brian and the boys again. Old guys can still rock.

20160130-untitled-3172We enjoyed a nice nature hike with the girls.

20160130-untitled-3195Izzy becoming a showoff like her big sis.

20160131-untitled-3201So cute


Jason likes big red

20160220-untitled-3148What, a picture of a motorcycle on a motorcycle blog! Had a 40 degree day and some sun so off for a February spin!

20160220-untitled-324420160221-untitled-3275Izzy enjoys a tea party and a good conversation.

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