Rich and I flew to Bullhead city to go for a motorcycle ride. Paul and Joanne hauled our bikes out for us in December. So we are getting in a ride now and will return to ride them home in the spring.

We rode some of Route 66 with a destination of the Grand Canyon we stayed overnight there at Rich’s cousin Jed’s place. It was my second visit there and will not be the last.

  Some incredible roads in Arizona. You really have to remind yourself to keep an eye on the road because the scenery can distract you!

   Quit a few abandons businesses on Route 66

  Can you tell that I’m having fun!


  We took Jed’s advice and left the town of Williams south via 4th street, Wow what a ride, we took it all the way to Jerome Arizona one of my favorite rides ever, incredible highway and fun fun fun dirt road’s.

  One of the best signs you can see along the road!


20160309-untitled-970Too fast to photograph

20160310-untitled-10674 foot long Bull snake

  We arrived late back to Bullhead, wow what a day of riding, we also rode through Chino valley and visited with Rich’s uncle Jerry, Nice guy.

  The next day a ride on Christmas pass was in order. This is another must do for dual sport rider’s.
 20160311-untitled-1083Here comes some guy on a Triumph.

20160311-untitled-1088Looks Like he plans on flipping me off! Nice bike Rich!

  The stator took a shit on my bike right here, only a few mile’ s from the point that it turned over 30,000 miles. sure has been a great bike, man we have had some fun together and for sure many more great memories to come.
  Rich push started me then it made it a few more miles and it quit. I rolled into a gas station and asked these 4 wheel dudes from California for a charge. They are off on a 2 night ride through the mountains to Baker California.I arrived at the Kawasaki – Ktm dealer in Bullhead city and they Diagnosed a stator problem, I left it for them to repair.
Maybe I should have bought one of these!

Paul came over and collected my gear and I. Paul and Joanne have helped me out a lot! Thank you

  I left my machine in good hands, I hope, More on that in a couple of months.

  All to soon it was time to board for the return flight. It is always great to have a vacation but always great to return home also.


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