Once again I have fallen behind on updating my blog, but the good part of that is there are lots of pictures for this update! I have had a busy start to the summer. Let me show you.



The Drz is great fun, I do miss my V strom and we will be reunited soon. “That was foreshadowing”

Ready to play ball

I’m not sure how I shot this milliseconds after she made contact!

Jeanette and I took the girls camping in Cresco.

What wonderful grandchildren we have. They are great fun.

Brooke loves being outside, hiking, biking, exploring or whatever.

Izzy on the move.

At Preston Trout days.

Pretty flowers at the spring valley green house.

We went to a play in Minneapolis and had a terrific time! Brooke has read all the books and the play was fun.

These cuties posed for a picture for me.


This is supposed to be a motorcycle blog right?


Bought a Toyota!  Many more pics of this to come.

We joined Don Heidi and family for a camping weekend in Prairie Island, What a great family they have!

So tired.

Seen these clowns out on the water.

Can you tell Brooke loves fishing? She didn’t want to stop!

Jason and I have been biking a lot lately.

Gravity is a bitch

I discovered some fresh logging trails.


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