Not All Who Wander Are Lost. 

I am all set for my next big adventure. Ok here is the plan,

I am flying from the Cedar Rapids airport to Las Vegas, then acquire  an Uber cab to Bull head City where my motorcycle is stored at Paul and JoAnnes home. I will prep for the ride and leave early in the morning to beat the heat in that area. I will head west to the coast and stay in Morro California Friday night. The next day I will ride up the coast then head east to Murphys for a couple of nights with Dad and Merle, After that the plan is a little looser , ride east until I return home! so let’s see how it all plays out together.

I am looking to slow down and enjoy the trip vs hauling ass from point to point, well se how that works for me!

Update #1 Things are not going as planned so far, my flight was cancelled due to weather in Vegas. 5 minutes after that news I dropped my phone and cracked the screen, hey could be worse right? We are supposed to fly in the morning so I’m held up at a super8 for the night.

Update #2     Flight 461 originally schedule to depart on June 30, 2016 has cancelled without reschedule due to weather.               Well shit, searching new options into the night.

Update#3.  New plan.

I will have time to get my phone repaired or replaced before leaving tomorrow, I have my fingers crossed it works this time!

Update #4.  Well all is well, I have a new flight and a new phone. I used Uber for the first time today, that works out great and probably at least half prices of a taxi.

I toured the Brucemore mansion here in Cedar Rapids what a beautiful home, then I walked through an old residential neighborhood and took an Uber cab back to the airport. I should be out of Iowa soon. Maybe! Here are a few pics from the day. My picture quality should increase with the new iPhone 6 but it will be same old me doing the composition and editing.

Chatted at subway with this guy, he has a good outlook on life




 Iowa was a beautiful green

And I made it to Las Vegas! I had a great conversation with uber driver Michael on the way to bullhead city, bike is prepared and I am resting a bit before rolling on to California!

What a day riding, it stared out cool and I have some boring highway to eat up, I wanted to get as far as I could before it got real warm.

Around Bakersfield the temp hit triple didgets and I didn’t miss too many red lights.

Not sure what trees these are but there are millions of them in California

This is what’s is growing on them.

Live update—— I found out from a guy that lives there that they are almonds, the husk falls off when they ripen

Right about here is where the real fun began, one word for 2/3rds of that road WOW

After lunch a great group from Pheonix invited me too their table to talk.

I arrived at the Bay View inn in Morro Bay, here are a few pictures from my wandering around the bay.

Sea lions are huge! This was an 8 footer

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