It was difficult to say good bye to Don and Merle. It was great to see them they are a lot of fun to spend time with but this ride must go on. Up the road is the Calaveras big trees park, i visited there years ago and had to go back and visit again. The giant trees are awe inspiring. It is not easy to capture the scale of these trees in photos so you will have to do with the photos I took until you can see them for yourselves one day

To give you an idea of the size, see the little girl in lower right hand of the picture? She is Izzy’s age and is hiding from her family because they want her in a photo! Too funny, just like our Izzy.

As I rode through the Sierra Nevada Mountains I came across a few alpine lakes, I took my time and enjoyed the sights.

The roads are incredible to ride. Narrow twisting roads and steep cliffs make for an exciting day. I took lots of pictures!

I made my way to the Buckeye campground near Bridgeport California, set up camp and enjoyed the hot springs, thanks for the advice Marc H!

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