Ready to roll.

I rode east out of Cedar Ciy on hwy 14 with Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reefs National Parks my distinction for the day. I was treated to some of the best riding I have had. One again terrific roads and scenery, here are some pictures…..


A couple of selfies

Exhausted from the heat and long day on the road I checked in to the Knight Inn located in Grand Junction Colorado
July 8th..

I was in for a couple of long days on the road to return home by Saturday night, so today was about putting on some miles. Lucky for me interstate 70 through Colorado offers incredible scenery.

The mighty Colorado river

There were several stops due to construction throughout the day

I stumbled across this in a truck stop parking lot, you can read about here..,

I Spent the night at the Super 8 in Kearney Nebraska.

July 9th…  The last day on the road was all about hauling ass to get home, traffic was not bad and no law enforcement officers thought I was pushing the speed limit to far. It sure was great to be home and get hugs from familiar faces, talk about my travels and catch up with what is happening in everyone’s lives.

As far as my final thoughts on the trip, It was great! I encourage everyone to get out and travel, go where you can, see what you can, talk to new people when you can. use whatever mode of travel you can. I am not sure if I have wrote this before in this blog but a good example of what traveling by motorcycle is like to me goes like this… When  traveling in a car it is similar to watching a movie, when traveling by motorcycle it is similar to being IN the movie. I traveled through some of the most scenic roads in our country and have memories of people, places and things to last a lifetime. I didn’t stop and take every picture I could have and I intentionally left my gopro camera at home for this trip because I was looking for the fine line between recording my travels and living in the moment. I feel I took enough pictures that I will have a great time reading this blog for years to come, I also feel that I left my cameras lay enough at times to absorb the memories in my brain, some of the most exhilarating roads and views are etched in my brain for ever.  Now to get planning for my next ride!


I thought I would end the blog with a couple of flower pictures.



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