More summer fun

I have have been doing a lot more pedal biking this year, sure has been great fun,

On Oct, 2nd Jeanette and I went to Rock of ages at the Rochester Civic theater, wow great show, we laughed  so hard it drew tears, and some great tunes also!

We spent a night at Marc and Lynette’s with the camper, sure had a good time, will do that again.

This one has lots of energy!

Ding dongs, that explains these two!

Izzy with the kids cart at fairway,   so cute.

Dan did a great job with the fire

we camped in Spring valley campground one night also.

Jeanette riding her new bike!

helped redo the roof on Michelle and Mikes garage.

Rode my motorcycle here and there.

Had a fun Family day riding!

I bought some a new bike.

Brookes shoe lace caught in the chain, luckily only minor scrapes

Brooke and I out jogging, Old guys rule! young kids drool!

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