Fall early winter

I have not been inspired to post much on this blog lately so i am trying to get back in the swing of things. We have had a great fall and even with the cold spells winter has been good, as always we have spent a lot of time with Izzy and Brooke.

All excited to come stay with Grandma, Grandpa and uncle Jason

Just so damn cute

Great times were had a the school park again this summer.

Wearing a play-doe mask, Silly

Marc and I took off for a weekend ride, We headed into Wisconsin and at Boscobel we turned back toward Iowa and stayed in Anamosa, The next day we made a pilgrimage to the National Motorcycle museum,

I had no idea Harley Davidson made snowmobiles.

Coolest guy ever award goes to Steve McQueen.

The Museum was great I will goo back again, lots to see and I’m sure I didn’t see everything.

We were surprised at all the great back roads we discovered in central Iowa

Went deer hunting again this year, had a great time even though I was skunked!. I very much enjoy the outdoors and hanging with the guys.

My new shotgun and a beautiful sunrise.

I like this photo for the contrasting colors.

No deer around so I might as well take pictures of my weapon.

Kids came over and stayed and as always we play games.

New tires and wheels

Out Christmas shopping

Sunset near Wykoff

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