Finally I didn’t have a cold and the trails had snow on them all at the same time! I left Wykoff and headed down through Forestville on my way home.

What a beautiful day for a ride

Oh dang a tree fell across the trail!

With a little work, I broke off some branches and filled in some gaps with them, I was able to ride my old tank through the obstacle!

No one had been on the trail! damn I love riding in fresh snow!

Then the trail ended at a swollen creek, It was just to deep and fast even for a Polaris, the bridge had washed out in the February thaw and was down stream a ways. I turned around and rode back through the park and took some back roads home to Preston, what a great ride I had, reminds me why I don’t sell my old machine.

Not often we can go for a ride in February, I rode several times in the 2 weeks warm up we had.


Some very sandy places, just had to go slow and all was fine.

This is our little actress, she is impersonating some sort of Frenchmen. Note Izzy in the back ground with a paper bag over her head and an Easter basket!  Oh boy so much fun when these two are around.

Out for a walk and discovered bubbles coming from under the ice.






Rich got the Honda out too,

We have been going to lots of Brookes basketball games, sure is fun watching the girls learn and improve, Brooke is a good player and scored the winning basket in sudden death overtime to secure the only win for her team this year! She also plays for the 6th grade team so she gets lots of time on the court.

Wouldn’t suprise me if they were texting each other!




Went to the motorcycle show with Marc and Rich, always good laughs hanging out with them.


New klr and a fan boy on her

Still on my short list if I ever replace my Vstrom.

Boy you never know what you will see in wallmart!

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