I ruptured a tendon and tore the calf muscle in my right leg on May 8th at work, so have not been able to ride bicycle but as of June 4th I am doing pretty well and rode the bike around the block today, so this week I am getting back on and take it easy for a week or so, then I will need to train hard to reach my goal of riding the last day of Ragbrai July 29th.


Isabelle is growing so fast, she is a smart, cutie that has me wrapped around her little finger, just like her sister.

Izzy passed preschool

I did a lot of riding on Memorial weekend.

I Like this area of Wisconsin, just fun riding and a great placed to get lost.

Just what this blog has been missing, some flowers!

Tyler has turned into a real man, he likes my Vstrom! the future looks very bright for him.

“Push me Grandpa, higher, higher!

Awe lots of cutie pies!

I slept overnight on the trampoline with the kids, great fun, they slept in a little.

Brooke spends a lot of time shooting baskets. Stop in and she will school you.

We went to Jasons Special Olympic track meet in Rochester, always a good time and Jason did great!

Being silly in Tj Maxx she was pretending the store was her home and she was showing me around.

Reading time.

She is riding bike!

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