4th of July weekend

We took advantage of the long weekend and went glamping at Jellystone campground near Austin, it was our first visit there and we had tons of fun. Lots and lots of things to do to keep us all busy.

Izzy had a great time and had a 4 of very full days, I don’t know how she kept going but went from early morning and would dance the night away!

Cute kids huh.

We met this little guy his name is charlie

we did quite a bit of biking.


Brooke and I slept outside under the awning 2 night.

Brooke and I did a couple of Creek walks

We had ice cream ever day.

Brooke loves fishing and caught 30 fish over 4 days.

Some not very big.

We all slept well each night as we were exhausted.


Fathers day

Started out the day with a bike ride.

These 2 came up the trail to greet me, they were very close before they realized i was a human, I bet this pair wont last long come hunting season.

Jason took me out for lunch, then we went to the gun range, he did good his first time with a hand gun.


We went for a ride to visit Michelle



Izzy and Airplanes

Isabelle came over to stay with us and we had lots of fun!

She sure liked the rainbow

We took her to Art in the park in Lanesboro, we enjoyed the art, the food and the playground.



We played some catch also.

Later I went to the Rochester airport to see these old war birds, fun to see them and watch them take off and land, I did not get to see the B25 fly though

A couple of bombs ready to go

complex hydraulics

Mid gunner stations

tail gunner station

A few pics, May 

I ruptured a tendon and tore the calf muscle in my right leg on May 8th at work, so have not been able to ride bicycle but as of June 4th I am doing pretty well and rode the bike around the block today, so this week I am getting back on and take it easy for a week or so, then I will need to train hard to reach my goal of riding the last day of Ragbrai July 29th.


Isabelle is growing so fast, she is a smart, cutie that has me wrapped around her little finger, just like her sister.

Izzy passed preschool

I did a lot of riding on Memorial weekend.

I Like this area of Wisconsin, just fun riding and a great placed to get lost.

Just what this blog has been missing, some flowers!

Tyler has turned into a real man, he likes my Vstrom! the future looks very bright for him.

“Push me Grandpa, higher, higher!

Awe lots of cutie pies!

I slept overnight on the trampoline with the kids, great fun, they slept in a little.

Brooke spends a lot of time shooting baskets. Stop in and she will school you.

We went to Jasons Special Olympic track meet in Rochester, always a good time and Jason did great!

Being silly in Tj Maxx she was pretending the store was her home and she was showing me around.

Reading time.

She is riding bike!

Spring fun

I have been having a great time riding motorcycle, playing with the kids and riding bicycle this spring, I am  getting in shape to ride a day of the ragbrai bicycle ride this year

This place was known as “Lil’s store” back when I was youngster it was about 8 miles from one of the places we lived and we would stop in for a sandwich and smokes.

A beaver dam

This abandoned barn is long gone but the concrete and stanchion’s remain

Jeanette rides with me sometimes.

Got together with old friends.

Cameron stayed with us, was nice to see him again!

I went to this school in Rochester when I was a youngster.

I enjoyed going to quit a few  volleyball games.

This bridge was destroyed when a truck much to heavy for it’s capacity drove over it.